Regency Era

Praise for the Regency Reference Book has been heaped on my appreciative head by many well-known Regency writers. Here are a few of the kind words of praise offered:

An essential resource for Regency writers.” Jo Beverly

I just wanted to say a public thank you for your Regency Reference Book on CD. I received it two weeks ago and literally use it every day! I loved your print version, but this one is even better!!” Diane Gascon

Every writer of Regency era fiction needs this entertaining guide that covers English social history from mourning to the mail ssystem.” Mary Balogh

An indispensible guide to all those little curiosities and details that are crucial to writing a good hisorical novel…a must-have for Regency romance writers.” Mary Balogh

If I were only allowed one reference book on my Regency research shelf, it would surely be Dee Hendrickson’s Regency Reference Book. It belongs on the bookshelf of every Regency writer and of everyone interested in knowing the era.” Mary Jo Putney

Be my guest to view a sampling of the Regency Reference Book as well as a few other articles on the Regency era that I have written. Your choices are listed on the menu to the right.

The Regency Reference Book on CD may be ordered directly from Emily Hendrickson. To order a copy, email Emily.

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